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August 23rd 2000:
Main Window
KTimeWarp's main window.

Guess where I live ? ;-)

What is KTimeWarp ?!

KTimeWarp is a small KDE application that can display the time in different places of the world given their time difference with you.
Confused already ? Don't worry, have a look at the screenshots and it'll all clear up ;-)

How do I get it?

Just go to the download page to get the latest source package.

What about the licence?

KTimeWarp is provided under the GNU General Public Licence and for free. It basicaly means that you are allowed to download, use, modify and distribute the program as long as you provide the source code and the same rights to other people, read the full licence for details.


I need feedback, so feel free to mail me for any suggestion, deception, ideas or bug report.

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